wall cladding

The course of wall cladding includes holding or covering one material on top of one more to reinforce, work on warm protection, and lift climate obstruction of the material. Wood, aluminium, blocks, composites of different materials, filaments, reused materials, and others are every now and again used as cladding materials. The cladding system supports a definitive item’s solidarity and steadiness, making it great for both family and modern tasks. Structures and properties have cladding plans that make them really engaging.

Wall cladding styles

For private purposes, there are principally 4 sorts of wall cladding: outside wall cladding, inside wall cladding, washroom wall cladding, and kitchen wall cladding. The outer cladding is used to shield the exterior material from physical harm such as weather-related changes, moisture, and rain. In the summer, homes are coated in stone and brick to keep the heat out and the temperature from rising. In order to create and adorn the house, interior cladding is completed. Simply put, the interior cladding will give your house a more upscale, fashionable, and uniquely beautiful appearance. Paint and cement cladding are used to give the house a lovely appearance and shield the interior from the effects of changing weather conditions. Kitchen cladding is done to keep food tasting fresh and to make the kitchen smoke-free. Different cladding materials are utilised to preserve hygiene. Similar to this, bathroom cladding is used to keep the walls from becoming dull and to battle moisture retention.

Cladding style and cost

The most popular patterns for both interior and external cladding are:

  • Natural stone
  • Vinyl
  • Brick
  • Weatherboard
  • fibre cement
  • Brick are examples of exterior cladding

Benefits of External Cladding

Utilizing outside wall cladding has the major benefit of protecting a building from damage from the outside while requiring little to no maintenance. When the wall cladding is installed, it won’t need to be examined or maintained on a regular basis like other weather protection methods, saving time and money in the process. If aesthetics are important to you, external cladding can be readily cleaned with water and restored to new condition. Aluminium is one of the most often used materials since it is strong, versatile, and long-lasting.


Every project is unique, and we at Weather Tex are aware of this. No matter how special the project might be, we’re dedicated to helping you realise your vision. Our top-quality indoor and outdoor timber cladding is adaptable and can be customised to meet your unique needs.

Timber wall cladding on the exterior

Any architectural design is made more inviting and vibrant when timber cladding is used as a highlight on an outside wall. The Trend plank Tongue & Groove Cladding System’s concealed fastening profile, assortment of patented trims, selection of wood board sizes, and choice of timber species make it simple to create an architectural timber cladding feature. Trend plank can be used as an exterior vertical timber cladding.

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