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About The Handmade Food Co.:

The Handmade Food Co. is operating for the last 14 years successfully all over the country. It is known as the best food supplier in Melbourne and the best food manufacturers in Sydney. An Australian family-owned business has evolved in the food industry by recruiting a team of passionate foodies. All the members of this company have professional backgrounds and are well-known industry experts. Moreover, we deliver outstanding customer service to each of our clients whether they are far or near. The Handmade Food Co. is known as a national sandwich provider in Australia because they provide the best lunchbox solutions for family gatherings as well as business events. We are able to supply every ingredient required to host a spectacular event. We deliver our most loved meal boxes to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and ahead.

 Offerings of The Handmade Food Co. and its benefits:

Handmade sandwiches are quick and easy meals that are made using fresh ingredients. Here at The Handmade Food Co, sandwiches are prepared and assembled by an expert team of foodies. Making handmade sandwiches involves selecting high-quality ingredients, such as freshly baked bread, ripe vegetables, and flavorful meats and cheeses hence it can be customized to suit customers’ tastes and preferences. We can customize the order by either toasting or not toasting the bread and changing the spices inside the fillings depending on personal desires. To further enhance the texture and flavour of the meal, we can grill the sandwich for you as well. We have a gigantic distribution channel including wholesalers and suppliers with well-equipped transport which have a natural freezing system installed in it so that food will remain fresh and tasty even if it has to travel more than 4000 km. Once you order from us, you’ll know the benefits of choosing us rather than any other food supplier in Melbourne. Our products are available for you countrywide. You will observe the same uniformity in meals whether it is about packaging, labels or rates. We have a backup available every time and stored in the refrigerator hygienically so our products never go out of stock. Apart from taking care of the customers, we also support local farmers and other food manufacturers in Sydney because they never deceived us. We have developed a strong association with our distribution network so that the whole process will be executed effectively and efficiently. For social welfare, we support local charitable organizations with some portion of our customer’s payments. That goes for the educational purpose of underprivileged Australian children

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In order to get more details about the best food suppliers in Melbourne, drop us a message via the website or call us directly. Follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn page for more information about food manufacturers in Sydney. We are operating from Queensland but deliver nationwide. We can guide you in the appropriate route to place an order if you get in touch with us and let us know where you are.