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What are Tilos in Project Management?

Delta Solutions are offering innovative and effective products and services for construction and engineering infrastructure projects. A few leading products provided by them are Puma5, Spider, Proteus and Tilos. One of the most effective and efficient products is a software named Tilos linear planning. It is a linear scheduling method and time location planning software. The time location planning process will help you in controlling project activities in time and distance. This function in construction contributes to handling risks and connects you with more stakeholders. Tilos can also be lucrative for scenario testing and resource handling. It does reduce the disturbance in between the process and enhances the efficiency of the process. The benefits of tilos are enormous yet some significant benefits are that it is user-friendly, it is a powerful time location planning software. It is used on several international projects. It is a productive tool for planning and managing linear projects. Tilos help in tracks and it also presents the “as built” compared to the baseline schedule. Tilos let you visualize the task while managing major projects through a time chainage diagram. This diagram supports all highway, rail, tunnel, pipeline, and bridge projects. Several specific planning techniques can be used in different countries according to their particular requirements. This planning technique involves a linear scheduling method, time distance diagram, time location diagram, time chainage diagram, French diagram, and march chart.


What Is Time Chainage Diagram?

It is a significant part of Tilos. It is a graphical representation that presents you with how the events unfold over time and distance. A time chainage diagram is used in project planning because it helps in visualizing the sequence of each step and lets you know the milestones that need to be achieved. Mainly it will inform you of the start time with location and end time with the location of each task. You can easily track the progress of tasks over time and create the schedule accordingly. Time chainage diagrams also help to identify the potential risks and bottlenecks as well as provide a clear overview of linear project planning. Project managers can now utilize the proficient tool of time chainage diagram to communicate the project road map to stakeholders. Tilos can be utilized in railway projects using linear scheduling methods and a time chainage diagram. This diagram represents the project details and schedule in one view. Nowadays water engineering and transmission line building can utilize this software to have a better outcome for the project.


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