The Pros And Cons Of Sharing Office Work Space

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The space you have for your own things in the office tend to be very precious because there usually is not much space given to you. And in case you have wondered what the benefits and disadvantages of a shared work space are, here they are:

Con: Distractions galore 

It becomes very hard to pay attention to what you are doing when you can see all that your colleagues are doing at your co-working space. Anything and everything on the table becomes a distraction to you and others too. Especially when people are making phone calls, it can get irritating really quickly when you know you have to concentrate and get your work done but are unable to. All the distractions ultimately mess with your productivity levels.

Pro: less maintained and lower costs

There is no need for a lot of cleaning and you get help with the cleaning too because so many people are with you. Additionally, there is no cost of having to buy additional furniture or equipment for yourself.

Con: You feel a lack of ownership and a lack of personal space 

Generally, when you have your own space it gives you a sense of fulfilment. It makes you feel as though you have achieved something with your job and gives you a sense of permanence. And not everyone likes being around people all the time nor can everyone manage to get work done while being around a group of people.

Pro: It is usually more fun though compared to sitting alone

Because you have people to talk to and interact with instead of being isolated in your own cubical where you cannot see or speak to anyone for a whole day. It is far less lonely to be around other people and share a co-working space Singapore rather than being bored to death in a space where you have privacy but cannot interact. You also get to know your colleagues better, you befriend them and understand their likes and dislikes (among other things). It gives you a real sense of community.

Con: Unnecessary issues can arise

Such as theft or things going missing in general because nobody knows what belongs to whom. Plus, if one individual falls sick (and still comes to work) then everyone at work might end up with the illness. There are going to be a lot more germs in shared work places so stack up on multi-vitamins to at least give your immune system a fighting chance.

I am sure you have your own ideas on what you like and do not like about sharing work spaces but at the end of the day it has an equal amount of good and bad and it all depends on your own character and what you like and do not like.

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