long day care

Education in early age was not given much importance in the past; however, nowadays it is one of the compulsory learning the society stressing a lot. Not only such early education has become essential for kids to attain but it is also a fashion for everyone. Today’s busy lives of parents have made it difficult for them to give full attention and necessary care their kids need from them. However, there are external assistance centers like long day care sydney where toddlers and early aged young ones are admitted for about 8-10 hours a day. On the other hand, a similar but slightly different concept is the early learning centre Elderslie in which kids until they are aged about 6-8 years are taught in a playful environment. The main purpose of this early schooling is not making them sit straight and study hard but only to make them familiar and happier with education. Such an intentional light fun teaching experience is helpful for kids at an early age to gain interest to socialize with other kids and learn new things.

Long day care

Day cares are one of the few places a child experience to have a look around and spent some time apart from his personal home. This can be a school type environment for him or even a nursing home care can be called so.Long day care is one such institute where kids from age 6 weeks to 6 years are leave by their parents so they are able to learn, play, socialize, and settle when in an atmosphere which is different from their home.

Long day carecenters usually operate from Monday to Friday with about 8-10 hours a day of runtime. This is mainly longer working hours in comparison to a general school. The care center is equipped with all the younger’s necessities like diet, medication, play accessories, even clothing items if needed.

Early learning centre Elderslie

There are educational institutes that are not full-time schools but work on the same light-hearted and fun schooling environment. These are the early learning centre Elderslielike Montessori, kindergarten, pre-school, etc. in which the students admitted are aged from 6 weeks to 6 years and in between. The idea is to help kids learn basics of their language, ethics, nursery rhymes, play games that have intellectual benefits, and socialize.

Early learning centre Eldersliedo not allow admission of kids above 10 years, as these are not high standard study programs. Teaching and learning is mostly based on games, plays, acts, stories, and fun which is more relatable and engaging for the kids. In this way, such learning school is a first step in the long ahead educational journey.


Long day care is an institute which operates 8-10 hours a day for kids who are aged 6 weeks to 6 years. There are early learning centre Elderslie in which young ones are allowed to explore learning at a very tender age. Please visit www.blinkypreschool.com.au for more information.